Screening and characterization of growth conditions to steer population dynamics in filamentous co-cultivations



Masterarbeit / Bachelorarbeit / Forschungspraktikum für Biotechnologen


Defined fermentation conditions possess many advantages considering process control and the subsequent downstream. Most often, these conditions are incomparable with natural habitats. For example, pure cultures solely exist within the laboratory. Missing interactions lead to a stunted metabolic profile and silent gene-clusters. Moreover, mixed cultures are also beneficial concerning substrate availability and integrated processes.

Therefore, this project takes a step towards uncovering these advantages. The aim is a defined co-cultivation of the filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei and a filamentous bacteria e.g Streptomyces coelicolor. Insoluble cellulose serves as substrate, which is hydrolyzed by secreted cellulases of T. reesei . Hence, glucose is made available to ensure growth and secondary metabolite production. The antibiotics actinorhodin and undecylprodigiosin produced by S. coelicolor are of particular interest. By means of co-cultivation an enhanced production and the search for further natural products is targeted.

To achieve beneficial process conditions and to steer the process, an in-depth understanding of growth behaviors is necessary. As the growth depends on the hydrolysis of cellulose, pure cultures of T. reesei are screened at first regarding cultivation parameters such as temperature, pH and nutrients. The proposed work encompasses handling of MTPs (µRAMOS) and shakeflasks (RAMOS) to find a suitable process window for T. reesei especially considering future requirements due to co-cultivation.

This work offers you …

  • … a broad understanding of biotechnological processes
  • … an introduction into a seminal topic
  • … the flexibility to introduce your own ideas
  • … a dedicated supervision

This work requires …

  • … some curiosity and interest
  • … a good portion of practical work
  • … an accurate and autonomous mindset

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