Final Thesis

Investigation of the Mix Gas Behavior of Plasma-Coated Membranes

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Chemical Process Engineering
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Gas separation membranes are a more sustainable alternative to existing processes in many areas. They are already used to separate nitrogen from air, CO2 from natural gas or hydrogen from refinery gases. In order to increase the performance of the membrane processes and to expand the field of application, great efforts have been made in recent years in the development of new membrane materials. However, the newly developed materials have always been too costly and/or production has not been highly scalable to industrial standards.

To solve this problem, we are working with our project partners on the production of novel gas permeation membranes using plasma-enhanced gas phase deposition. This plasma coating process is already used industrially in various areas and thus offers an optimal basis for application in membrane production.

Promising membranes have already been produced which exhibit very good pure gas properties. For practical use, however, the membrane behaviour in the mixed gas is decisive, since a number of non-ideal effects can occur there. In this work, this behaviour is to be investigated and broken down for different binary gas mixtures.

This thesis offers you:
- Practical work experience in the laboratory
- Collaboration on innovative research topics
- Comprehensive support

What you should bring:
- Interest in experimental work
- Enjoy familiarizing yourself with complex topics
- Careful and independent working methods

If you are interested in the work, please contact us by mail ( and include your overview of grades (CV optional). In a personal conversation I can explain to you with pleasure more exactly and answer further questions.