Final Thesis

CFD Simulation of a high-pressure extraction column

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Basic Information

Fluid Process Engineering
Bachelorthesis / Projectthesis
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In the chemical industry, almost all reactors require a separation of the streams consisting of educts, products and by-products. One possibility for separation is the extraction. At the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering, the model-based design of high-pressure apparatuses is investigated in particular.

The fluid dynamics are crucial for the efficient design and use of process engineering equipment. In high-pressure extraction columns, primarily packings are used in order to enhance the mass transfer area and to intensify the mass transfer area.

The efficiency of the packed column strongly depends on the flow behaviour of the liquid inside the packing. The occurring low regimes shall be investigated model-based. The aim of this thesis is the investigation of the influence of these flow regimes on the separation efficiency. Therefore CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is used to analyze the fluid dynamics.

Ansys Fluent a widely used software package providing the necessary tools. The thesis is subdivided into several tasks:

  • Getting to know the program,
  • Generating the mesh,
  • Choosing the simulation set-up,
  • The actual simulation,
  • Comparison with the literature.

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