Final Thesis

From lab to industry scale: Operation of a chlor-alkali industry cell for experimental gas flow analysis

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Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


The introduction of renewable energies in the German electricity grid and their impact on producing companies are already an important topic today. Novel, so-called switchable oxygen depolarized cathodes (sODC), are one way of flexibly operating chlor-alkali electrolysis.

The sODC enables two different modes - hydrogen and oxygen mode - and therefore requires flushing the electrolysis cell with nitrogen. This flushing time must be minimized in order to make the mode change economically feasible. In this thesis, an electrolysis cell on industrial scale is to be reconstructed for the first time in order to carry out optical flow investigations. The experimental results can be compared with existing simulations.

You will conduct experiments in an electrolysis cell on gas flow (fog, smoke) and concentration measurements. The thesis offers you the opportunity to combine simulations and experiments and is a novel investigation method of large-scale cells. Your investigations allow conclusions to be drawn about the flow distribution in industrial cells and offer the possibility for practice-relevant cell design optimization in close cooperation with a project partner.

You will be offered:

  • Gaining knowledge in electrochemistry and reactor design
  • Insight into a very innovative field of research
  • Structured approach to complex scientific questions

What we expect from you:

  • Interested in gaining new knowledge (electrochemistry)
  • Enjoy lab-work
  • Structured and independent way of working

If the topic catches your interest, please contact us. In a personal meeting we can talk about the topic in more detail.