Final Thesis

Modeling of flexible microgels

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Chemical Process Engineering
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Microgels have a wide range of applications in the fields of pharmacy, cell immobilization and temperature-sensitive catalyst processes. One property that distinguishes microgels is their high flexibility and low stiffness. Of particular interest in this context is the deformation of microgels in the flow field. This property will be investigated in more detail in this thesis.
The relationship between deformation of the microgels and local changes of the flow field can only be analyzed in experimental work with great effort, if at all. Therefore, we will conduct simulation-based investigations in this thesis. For this purpose, multiphase simulations will be carried out with the help of CFD-DEM. The aim is to develop a new model to describe the deformation of microgels in the flow field.
For you this work offers:
• Cooperation on innovative future topics
• Extensive experience in model development, CFD simulations and multiphase phenomena
• Comprehensive support with many years of experience in the field of simulation
You should bring that:
• High self-motivation
• Fun getting familiar with complex topics
• Interest in modelling and simulation (previous knowledge is not necessary)

If you are interested in the work please send an email to or to We would be happy to talk to you in detail about the topic and answer your questions. Of course the work can be written in German as well as in English.