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Chemical sensors for artificial cells

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Chemical Process Engineering
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This research project addresses the functionalization of liposomes, which are micrometer-sized capsules that are under extensive investigation with regard to their application as drug delivery systems as well as compartments for the bottom-up synthesis of artificial cells. In order to provide the cells with body-like functions such as the contraction of muscle cells, the detection of light by the eye or the sensation of warmth and cold, the capsules can be functionalized using a variety of different biological as well as synthetic building blocks. However, considering that these compounds usually do not insert into liposomal capsules by themselves, the building blocks have to be connected to a anchor complex facilitating their integration.

Therefore, a reaction protocol for the chemical complexation of a biological anchor protein to a temperature-sensitive polymer is to be established within the scope of this project. On our way to the final product we will implement various multi-step reactions and make use of different separation and purification techniques such as extraction, filtration and chromatography. The final product will be analysed using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

We offer you:

• An exciting and up-to-date research topic
• An interdisciplinary working environment and topic
• Extensive supervision

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• Interest in practical work and experiments
• Curiosity and interest in learning the ropes of an up-to-date research topic
• Thorough and independent way of working

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