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Production of ammonia using renewable electricity

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Process Systems Engineering
Studythesis for Umweltingenieure
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As part of the „Energiewende“, the German federal government envisages a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions until 2050 of 80 to 95 percent compared to 1990. Achieving such dramatic emission reductions requires substantial efforts in all sectors. This is particularly true for the chemical industry that is among the most energy intensive industries. One important process that is being conducted at large scale around the world is ammonia production. Ammonia is one of the most important base chemicals that is used both for the production of fertilizers and for the production of a wide range of other nitrogen-containing chemicals. Today’s ammonia production uses hydrogen that is predominantly obtained from fossil sources and thus causes significant CO2 emissions. A potentially more sustainable alternative is the use of renewable electricity for water electrolysis as an alternative hydrogen source. Within this thesis, a literature review is to be conducted to analyze and summarize the current state of the art on sustainable ammonia production. The literature review should cover technical aspect such as process concepts as well as economic and environmental analyses.

What you can gain from this thesis:
  • Insight into alternative chemical processes for using renewable energy
  • Guidance for documentation and presentation of scientific work

Your profile:
  • Bachelor’s student in Environmental Engineering
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly

If you are interested in this topic or if you have any questions I am happy to discuss these in in person.