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Shortcut model for the design of rectification columns

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Fluid Process Engineering
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During the design of chemical processes and production plants, it is necessary to estimate the operating and investment costs at a very early stage of development. Since the complex process behavior has usually not been studied in detail at this time, these processes must first be analyzed using simplified models. With these short-cut models, a first estimate of the process variables and apparatus geometries is determined. For example, for the design of rectification columns (continuous multi-stage distillation), the McCabe-Thiele method is used as a common method. In this project work, the approach of the McCabe-Thiel method is studied. Task is the implementation of the McCabe-Thiele Method in the Matlab programming environment. Finally, an intuitive user interface is implemented to make it accessible for research and teaching purposes. The project work can be done by 2 or 3 students. The work provides: • Knowledge in the design of a process engineering apparatus (rectification) • Acquisition of programming skills (Matlab) • Structured approaches to complex tasks • Intensive care You should bring: • Interest in fluid process engineering • learning programming as a scientific tool • Careful and independent way of working Interested? Then feel free to contact me by email or just come into my office and we discuss the topic.