Final Thesis

Design and assembly of a needle drive for loading and collecting medical samples

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Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


In medical analytics, a wide variety of methods are used for examination. Frequently, pipetting is still done manually or an autosampler, an automatic sample feeder, is used to introduce the sample with a defined volume into an analytical instrument. The analysis device relevant for this project work, a field-flow fractionation, is used for the separation of samples. Following separation, the individual fractions are to be collected so that they are available for further analysis. The Status Quo uses two devices for this task: an autosampler and a fraction collector. Since this setup is cumbersome and expensive a new device shall be developed.

The aim of this project work is to combine the two devices into one. Since the basic framework already exists, the focus is on the design, construction, and validation of the needle drive. This also includes the flow chart which is necessary for the combination of sample introduction and fraction collection.

What you should bring:
  • Able to work independently
  • Some manual skills
What you can expect:
  • Exciting and multifaceted tasks
  • Insights into product development in process engineering
  • Use of modern 3D printing technologies for prototype development

The starting point of the project work can be chosen freely. If you are interested in this project and would like to know more about it, please send me an email including your CV and transcript of records: