Final Thesis

Production of metallic static mixers for heat and mass transport enhancement

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


In the scope of the Fuel Science Center (FSC), a method for the production of metallic support structures for catalyst immobilization is to be developed. These structures present as highly resistant in harsh conditions, which renders them applicable for a wide range of different chemical processes. Moreover, modern fabrication methods enable the design of static mixers that induce passive mixing in the reactor. Additionally to the catalytic activity, a heat and mass transport enhancement can be achieved. This work will provide the foundation for the fabrication of three dimensional metal supports. Different techniques will be evaluated, e.g., 3D printing of molds or the continuous production in a spinning process.

Your task will be:

  • Conception of a fabrication method for metal doped polymer structures
  • CAD construction of 3D printed molds and spinnerets
  • Characterization of the main influences on the fabrication

You will:

  • Work in an interdisciplinary team of chemists and engineers
  • Get an insight into different characterization techniques
  • Participate in a highly ambitious project
  • Get a close supervision