Final Thesis

Simulation of heat and mass transport of catalytically active static mixers in tubular reactors

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
Focus/Key Topic:


Static mixers improve the reaction conditions in chemical reactors. By inducing secondary flow patterns, both temperature and concentration boundary layers can be reduced and the overall efficiency of the reactor is increased. A treatment of the mixer’s surface can render them catalytically active. In this work, you will get the opportunity to help the simulation-assisted design of catalytically active static mixers. An optimization of the mixer’s form will be carried out with help of CFD simulations. Previous work at this chair has already investigated the influence of static mixers on the flow pattern in tubular reactors. By including the reaction equation in the conservation equations, the reaction system will be represented comprehensively. The central challenge is to optimize the mixer’s geometry in regards of optimal reaction conditions.

Your task will be:

  • Setup of CFD simulations for combined fluid flow and reaction in tubular reactors
  • Parameter study of geometry influences
  • Characterization with help of appropriate dimensionless numbers

You will:

  • Work in an interdisciplinary team of chemists and engineers
  • Participate in a highly ambitious project
  • Get a close supervision