Final Thesis

Holistic optimization of an extractive reaction process for the production of 5-HMF

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Fluid Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


The anthropogenic climate change and the depletion of fossil resources are the biggest challenges in the 21st century. Therefore, at the chair of fluid process engineering processes are developed to produce fuels and platform chemicals from biomass. One of those chemicals is 5-HMF, which can be produced form fructose. However, the economical production of 5-HMF is still limited due to undesired byproducts. The production of these byproducts can be prevented by the in situ extraction of HMF into an organic solvent. Beside reaction kinetics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and mass transfer are crucial to develop an efficient reaction process. The determination of optimal operation conditions, such as temperature, residence time and load of the reactor is mandatory to realize an economical process.

The aim of this work is to develop an existing reactor model further and to implement it into a continuous production process. Sub models are used to consider effects such as mass transfer, fluid dynamics and chemical reaction. Using different optimization strategies the overall process shall be optimized to minimize operational costs as well as investment costs.

This work offers you:

  • Insight into multiphase reaction systems.
  • Participating in interesting research fields.
  • Excellent supervision
You should:
  • Be interested in the topic.
  • Work meticulously and independent.