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Comparison of dynamic optimization tools for complex chemcial processes

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Process Systems Engineering
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The goal of the federal government aim at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in Germany by 95 % compared to 1990. To achieve climate neutral production drastic transformations are necesssary for all sectors. Especially the chemical industry is affected as energy intensive industry. A relevant contribution to this goal are technologies to store or use excess electrity from renewable sources. The flexible operation of chemical plants is an important building block for this goal. An optimal operating scheme can be found using different optimization tools. They differ in the methods implemented to solve the optimal control problem. The focus of this thesis is the comparison of the optimization tools MoBA MUSCOD and DyOS. In a first step an existing dynamic model of a complex chemcial process must be adapted for dynamic optimization. The models are connected to either MoBA MUSCOD or DyOS and their performance is compared.

  • Adaptation of models in Modelica
  • Formulation and solution of the optimal control problem in MoBA MUSCOD and DyOS
  • Interpretation and presentation of the results
  • Industrial practise
  • Strong interest in numerical optimization and thermodynamics necesssary
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