Computational Engineering Science (CES), B.Sc.


Courses of the AVT:

Simulationstechnik Model-Based Estimation Methods V2, Ü2 6
Simulation Methods in Mechanical
Engineering I (CES)
V1, Ü1 2
Simulation Methods in Mechanical
Engineering II (CES)
V2, Ü2


Physikalische Modellbildung Material Properties V2, Ü2 4
Wahlpflichtbereich Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik
Turnus SWS Credits
Bioreactor Design SoSe V2, Ü1


Air Pollution Control WiSe V2, Ü1 4
Unit Operations in Process Engineering WiSe V2, Ü1 4
Industrial Environmental Technology WiSe V2, Ü1 5
Cost and Economy of Bioprocesses WiSe V1, Ü1 2
Chemical Product Design SoSe V2, Ü1 4
Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes SoSe V2, Ü1 4
Reactionstechnology WiSe V2, Ü1 4
Computer-Aided Process Design SoSe V1, Ü2 3

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