Applied Chemical Product Design

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wessling
Workshop: 2 days
Project work: during the semester ca. 2 day per week
Lecture date: see RWTH Online
Lecture Notes: are available at Moodle
Semester: summer semester
Language: german
Exam type: written project report and presentation

During the course "Angewandte Produktentwicklung in der Verfahrenstechnik" an industrial relevant question is dealt within a team. Therefore, working techniques and requirements for project-orientated work are presented in a two-day-workshop at the beginning of the semester. Subsequently, the teams work on their own on industrial problem or a new product with the background of process engineering during the project-phase. Meetings with supervisors from AVT.CVT and industrial partners are planned to take part regularly.
With this course we offer a possibility to get an insight in actual obstacles during the development of products in an industrial enterprise and the possibility to implement your own ideas.