Hydrogen and the AVT in the Aachener News

  Professor Mechler with laboratory equipment Copyright: © Harald Krömer  

Sustainably produced hydrogen is promising technology for a greener future. To realize large scale hydrogen production, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research heavily invests into research with projects, such as “H2Giga”. Several departments of the RWTH Aachen are involved in H2Giga and make Aachen a research center for sustainable hydrogen production.

The AVT investigates the scale up of laboratory technologies in order to generate larger quantities of hydrogen. In an interview with Aachener Nachrichten, Prof. Mechler emphasizes the importance of this research: “The goal is to show methods in which science can develop materials more application oriented, so that scientific innovations find their way into technical applications more quickly.” Prof. Mechler leads the collaborative project PrometH2eus, which is developing electrodes for the alkaline water electrolysis as part of H2Giga.

The full article is available on Aachener Nachrichten (German only).