Discovery tour through a biorefinery - The multimedia story from Bioö


Biorefineries are sustainable factories of the future: they can help to produce important chemicals from waste materials and thus close raw material cycles. But what exactly is a biorefinery? How does it differ from conventional petroleum refineries, and what does it have in common with them? What are the advantages of biorefineries and why are they important for a sustainable bioeconomy? In the multimedia story "Discovery tour through a biorefinery" on the BMBF-initiated information platform Bioö, we find answers to these questions, focusing on the individual aspects week by week in a total of 5 chapters on social media. Drop by and go with the flow as you independently explore all the info, listen to experts and understand the research behind it. In text, graphics, audio and moving image.

Week by week, the individual chapters of the discovery tour will be examined more closely on social media (@biooekonomie_de).

What is planned?

  • Week 1 - 6/9 to 6/15: Introduction - What is a biorefinery?

  • Week 2 - 6/16 to 6/22: Biomass: high value use, sustainable origin.

  • Week 3 - 23.6. to 29.6.: Processing of biomass

  • Week 4 - 30.6. to 6.7.: Inside of the bioreactor

  • Week 5 - 7.7. to 13.7.: Products of biorefineries

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